UX, Design, WordPress Development

An eco-energy home made simpler.

A collection of Echo / Sustainable / Renewable energy projects, including design research into smart homes and campaign visuals for exposure to a startup.

Storyboard & Animation


A series of short stings done for a promotional piece and a series of publications based on NASA apollo archive.

UX, Design & Animation

Santam Besafe App

IOS and Android app for a large insurance company in South Africa. Make a claim, create an inventory with added functionality to “follow” your loved ones location. Accompanied by a campaign with the ability to try the app before download.

Skill Set

One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested. 

UX | UI | Design

The process starts with a sketch, then into rapid prototyping. High fidelity designs only come much later, although there are plenty resources to get you there quickly.

Animation | After Effects | Motion

Conceptualising, storyboarding, illustrations, particle systems, physics engines, unity, all mediums, endless possibilities

Development & Builds

Front-end HTML, Google network campaigns, and wordpress development. Id generally collaborate with anything larger than this.



SA agency clients

Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Santam, Sanlam, Dinersclub, Sterkinekor, GM, Nokia, New Balance, Burger King, Virgin.


SA People (London), Prezence,
Hello Computer, Punk (King James)


1X Loerie award,  4X Bookmarks awards, 1X Webby, 1X Smarties award and hand full of others.


Cool guy. Alright work,  good ideas – Still waiting for a Creative director to fill this out.


A selection of work done over 9 years.  case-studies, screenshots, and design research.

I have specifically have not shown any work that I was not lead design on. All project here have 100% of my involvement. All video, all design, and development done by myself, except app development.

Next Project

Ranked and shared as a top trending article on expert sites including Mashable.com, CNN.com and Gawker.com.